SEO Interviews, Social Bookmarking, Tags, & Buzz Tools

SEO Interviews
I am interviewing many of the most respected names in the search space. Included

in this PDF are interviews of great marketers and Google’s leading engineer in

charge of search quality. (

Social Bookmarking, Tags, & Buzz Tools
Tools that help you find rapidly spreading ideas. If you track what ideas are

spreading it may become easier to learn how to create ideas that spread.

As the web becomes more social SEO will continue to shift away from matching

algorithms to creating and marketing remarkable ideas.

Free: popular list (

Free: Digg (

Free: Netscape (

Free: Reddit (

Free: StumbleUpon ( top stories @

Free: Memeorandum (

Free: Yahoo! Buzz (

Free: Newsmap

Free: Technorati Charts (

Free: Topix blogged news (

I posted numerous other examples and ideas here

When marketing sites on social news websites it is crucial that you use headlines

which are focused more on invoking an emotional response than just matching

your target keywords. Read Copy Blogger for tips on how to use compelling page

titles and headlines

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