Importance of Doing On Page SEO

If you desire to carry a good rank in search engines like Yahoo, Google, and a few others then SEO is something that you must consider doing at all costs. Sometimes, SEO can really turn out to be stressful and daunting; especially when you are busy with on page SEO techniques. Here are a few guidelines to make sure that your on page SEO turns out to be successful and you exactly know what to do with what.

Number one: Meta tags, that will include the title, description and of course the keyword. When we talk about on page SEO then this is something you must know as a basic. You cannot miss out on adding Meta keyword, Meta title, Meta description on your page otherwise the search engine would not even know what topic is your website or blog about. If you have a Wordpress blog then I would suggest you install All in One SEO Pack that is a plugin; this powerful tool can help you accomplish this task very easily. Remember that it always helps if your target keyword is also there in Meta description, title, and keyword.

Number Two: your keywords need to be bold, italic, underlined, or all of these. If you make your keyword prominent on the page, the search engines will easily know that what your entire topic is and what you are talking about easily. It is important that they know what exactly that certain page carries. This is why having your keywords in a different style will help a lot. Plus, make sure that you place your keywords in the right order, which is having them in the beginning, then in the middle, and then at the end of your page or article.

Number Three: the images that page carries should have an ALT tag attached with them and the reason is the same as of number two. The search engines will easily get to know what your image is what message it is giving out. Many people actually cheat on the search engines this way too; you can also. It does not really matter whether your image is relevant or not, appropriate or not, bad or good, your image ALT tag should have the keyword in it. Search engines will simply feel that the image and topic both are relevant.

This way you can easily do some good on page search engine optimization and make the most of your efforts.

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