How to Keyword Selection in SEO

Doing SEO effectively starts with finding the right words, phrases, and ideas to

My general philosophy with most of these tools is they are good to get an idea of
what to go after, but most of them do not provide deep enough search data, and so
many searches are unique that you won’t end up discovering them until they end
up sending visitors to your site.

The best way to find deep search data is to bid broad match on Google AdWords,
track the referrals, find the good terms, and block bad terms. Use this data to refine
and improve your keyword list.

The only keyword research tool I have purchased so far and felt it was worth the
subscription price is WordTracker, but I actually like the free tool that I created a
bit more than WordTracker. Google’s free keyword research tool is probably the
best tool on the market, but if you use my tool it will provide cross referencing
links to all of Google’s tools and the other most useful tools on the market.
I also typically do not advocate changing content over and over again trying to find
a magical keyword density. In reality there is no such thing. Keep creating new
content regularly and don’t keep changing your old content over and over again.

Free: SEO Book keyword suggestion tool – driven largely off of
Overture’s keyword suggestion tool, my keyword research tool makes it
easy to cross compare the results from most other keyword research tools
on the market. (

Free: Google AdWords keyword suggestion tool – Shows 12 month
seasonal traffic patterns, bid competition, related terms and is exceptionally
easy to export keyword lists from.

Free: Google AdWords traffic estimator – estimates the traffic you would
receive from AdWords given a specific bid. Also estimates the bid price
necessary to rank #1 on AdWords for 85% of queries

Free: Google Trends – shows estimated trending data for keyword search
globally or by market. Data goes back multiple years and allows you to
compare multiple keyword phrases on the same graph.

Free: Digital Point keyword suggestion tool – free web based tool which
compares Wordtracker and Overture search frequencies.

Free: MSN Search Result Clustering

Various Prices: WordTracker – web based leased product which has
many more features than the other tools. WordTracker traffic is generally
more representative of actual traffic than Overture’s tool since many fewer
automated bots scour its data collection network than Overture’s.
free version (

Various prices: Keyword Discovery - database of keyword data. Contains
historical data. Some of their partners made them sign a non disclosure
agreement. The database may not be as clean as the WordTracker
database, but it contains a bit more data.
free version (
Keyword discovery also provides free limited depth usage and has a free
keyword directory
Various prices: Keyword Intelligence – database of keyword data from
various HitWise partner sources. I was not exceptionally impressed with
this offering. (

Free: Overture Search Term Suggestion Tool – offers search frequency
for the prior month throughout the Overture network. Please note that
many bid checkers and other automated bots cause this number to skew
high. (

Free: Google Search Suggestion Tool – auto-completes search queries to
help you find more related search terms
I also have an online Google Suggest scraper at

Free: Google Sets – shows groups of related keywords.

Free: Good Keywords – free downloadable software which can be used
for preliminary keyword research. (

Free: Ontology tool – finds related keywords using the Google ~ search.

Free: Quintura – web based and downloadable latent semantic indexing
tool (

Free: Keyword Typo Generator

Free: Lexical FreeNet -- helps find ideas and terms related to a given word
or words. (

Free: Tag Cloud – free Folksonomy tool (

Free: MSN AdLab – offers a wide variety of free keyword research tools
including things like keyword funnels and a keyword mutation tool.

Free: SEODigger – shows keywords that competing sites rank for.

Free & Paid: SpyFu – shows words that competing sites rank for or are
buying on AdWords (

Paid: KeyCompete – paid tool showing what AdWords keywords
competing sites are buying (

Free: Competitors websites and related search suggestions from various
search engines such as Vivisimo, Snap, Gigablast, and Ask.

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