Smart Pen that Vibrates when you make spelling error

A try of German inventors have developed a replacement advanced sensible " Pen " that vibrates on every occasion it senses a orthography mistake or sloppy handwriting.

the Lernstift can  not solely discover and perceive your cursive writing and vibrate if you’re orthography things wrong, however additionally critique your cursive type.

Lernstift  has non-optical motion device and atiny low powered Linux pc with a wireless fidelity chip.

Users will choose from 2 functions:
1.Calligraphy Mode - noting flaws of type and legibility.
2.Orthography Mode - recognising words and scrutiny the word to a language info.
If the word is not recognised it'll vibrate.

1. Recognise specific movements
2. letter shapes
3. understand a large assortment of words
4. if it senses unhealthy letter formation or sloppy handwriting, it'll vibrate

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