Adsense account approval trick India 2012 free with Indyarocks

Adsense account approval trick India 2012 free with Indyarocks

Adsense account approval trick with indyarocks
Adsense account approval in 2012    become very difficult mainly for the    publisher which are living in Asia and usually from India, Pakistan, Kenya, Indonesia.

A recent study found that from 50% to 70% adsense applications are rejected by google adsense for one of the following reasons.

Indyarocks adsense account approval

1.) You not have a website which is 6 months old.
2.) You don't have privacy policy for your website        
3.) Adult content and so many reasons.

Now you need not to be worry about any points. You can approve your account without any website or blog. 

Yes you are right and you can also approve an adsense account in less then 24 hours with indyarocks.

Please read the step by step guide for your adsense account approval in 2012 with Indyarocks

1.) You have to register your self with Indyarocks with your real name for which you want adsense account approval. You are eligible to apply for an adsense account until you not complete the below step-2 to step-5.

2.) After registering, start filling your profile and your profile should be minimum 50% complete before applying an account. you can complete your profile here . And your profile privacy is set to everyone.

3.) You should upload your own profile picture. Please visit your MyLife page to upload your profile picture.

4.) You have to upload minimum 10 pictures and their privacy is set to everyone. It is better that you upload more than 10 pics around 15-18 pictures.  Click Here to upload more photos.

5.) You have to post minimum 2 blog having minimum 250 words and their privacy is also set to everyone. To post blog click here.

6.) Now you are eligible for apply an Adsense account. You may also check your eligibility and can apply for an Adsense account.

This is the latest adsense account approval trick which are working and also know 2-3 people who got their account approval from this trick on Indyarocks. Please let us know if you if you got your account approval with Indyarocks.

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Also, share this post to help others for adsense account approval in this year.

Update :- Please note that many users noticed that this trick is currently not working. We advice you to go for adsense alternatives or read another latest trick on our blog for adsense account approval in "related post section" below. 

You can also go for direct adsense account approval but meeting the following minimum adsense requirement.

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