How to Hack Facebook

Welcome to "HACKING begins - AN approach to introduce individuals with the reality of HACKING". nowadays i got several mails connected easiest method to Facebook hacking thus i made a decision to post article on FACEBOOK HACKING.

What is phishing?
Phishing is that the most typically used methodology to hack Facebook. the foremost wide used technique in phishing is that the use of pretend Login Pages, additionally called spoofed pages. These pretend login pages correspond the initial login pages of websites likeYahoo , Gmail, MySpace etc. The victim is fooled to believe the pretend facebook page to be the important one and enter his/her watchword.

Phishing Procedure:
Step one : initial of all transfer Facebook pretend login page
Step two : currently open login.php and notice (CTRL+F) '' then amendment it to your to is that the '' if you would like.

Step three : produce AN account in
Step four : Then transfer all the files Index.htm,login.php in my3bg directory or AN different. Open your phishing page. simply sort some information into the text box so you may see in your file manager that a file referred to as "Passwords.htm" is made, during which the watchword is keep.
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Want to hack facebook watchword.

Just donwload the files given below and transfer them to free net hosting sites like ripway,110mb etc.
List of Some Free  Hosting Websites For Phishing

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