How To Find Out who Unfriended You on Facebook

Checking your friends’ list to seek out out UN agency unfriended you on Facebook could also be a troublesome task, knowing that this is often virtually not possible to observe while not thorough police investigation. even though you unbroken an in depth eye on your friends’ friend-count for any decrease, you continue to can’t make certain if anyone has been unfriended.

Rather than visit your friends’ profile page one by one to envision, you'll strive the unfriend notification tool Unfriend Finder instead.

Unfriend Finder may be a browser script for Facebook. Once put in, it'll send word you once somebody unfriends you on Facebook. The notification not solely informs you of the unfriend action, however conjointly tells you UN agency did the unfriending.

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1. Install Unfriend Finder

To install, head over to the Unfriend Finder official web site, visit the transfer page and click on on the transfer button to begin installation.
A pop-up can prompt for installation; click on the ‘Install’ button to proceed. Installation is automatic and can be complete in seconds.
If you're victimization Firefox, you would like to put in the Greasemonkey add-on before you'll begin victimization Unfriend Finder.

2. unfriend Finder on Facebook
When installation is complete, open your Facebook page and you'll see three further menu and icon buttons indicating that Unfriend Finder is currently active. investigate the:

1.            Top-right menu of your Facebook page, visible on all pages.
2.            Left menu of your Facebook Wall
3.            Bottom icon button next to Facebook Chat, visible on all pages.
3. Be notified of unfriending events

Unfriend Finder won't have any previous unfriend record, but it'll begin detection new unfriend actions as long because the script is active.
Now whenever someone unfriends you on Facebook, you'll be notified through the notification menu.

Click on the notifications board to seek out out UN agency has unfriend you.
Besides the notifications, you'll see the list from your Unfriend Finder page too.

Facebook limits variety of choices for numerous reasons and relationships being delicate problems that has to be restrained, either with discreetness or with concealing, Unfriend Finder at the terribly least takes the idea from the equation. whereas we tend to watch for the choice to ‘dislike’ a standing or updates on Facebook, let’s cope with this app to stay track of that friends area unit still in our lives and that aren’t.

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