How to Lock the Computer Drives

Locking Drives:
We don’t sometimes favor to lock our drives, however typically it becomes nesscary. Say as an example you may have keep your workplace documents in D:\ and you don’t need your youngsters to access it, in such case this system will be helpful for you. Please don’t do this tweak together with your root drive (usually C:\ is that the root drive) since root drives don't seem to be meant to be fast as a result of they're necessary for the system and application programs.

•    Start & Run and sort Regedit to open written record editor
•    BrowseHKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curre ntVersion\Policies\Explorer
•    Create a brand new DWORD price NoViewOnDrive and set its price as
2^ (Alpha variety of Drive Letter-1) wherever Alpha variety ar easy investigating of alphabets from A to Z as one - twenty six
For example: to lock C:\, Alpha variety of C is three therefore 2^ (3-1) = four (decimal value)

•    To lock a lot of drives, calculate {the price|the worth} of every drive then set total of these numbers as value
•    To unlock your drive simply delete the key from the written record.

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