2 Reasons & Benefits to Use .html Extension in Wordpress Permalink

Is it necessary to use .html extension in wordpress permalink? Why should we use it and what benefits we can get by adding .html extension in our wordpress permalink? Actually there'no official reference from wordpress.org about this, and we also know that wordpress built in php engine not, a plain html file. So why this .html extension matters for our blog? Well, as long as we are able to do any tweak/ hack this on wordpress, also combined with a simple SEO technique then these two reasons of using .html in wordpress permalink should answers webmasters curiousity.

1) Look Static
The use of .html extension in permalink makes the blog posts look static. This .html extension will "trigger" and invite the spiders/ bots from search engine to visit our site more often, compared to a site built on dynamic php engine, while we aware that wordpress uses php engine. And so this is where the permalink manipulation trick take action. If the spiderbots detect that the contents of our sites use dynamic php, then the spiderbots will tend to limit their visit frequency to our site. By adding this .html extension, it obviously give our site a plus credit as well as improving our site SEO.

2) Higher Level
Consider that you have a post "Fastest ways to get wealth from internet" under "online business" category. Let's see the difference:
Compared to »
From those two permalink structures, the second permalink is superior, why? Because the second type permalink is considered one higher level than the first one. This will give a great credits for search engine, especiallygoogle. And we also know that the slash (/) sign is basically referring to directory or folder by default. So for wordpress post permalink option, it is better to use permalinks that definitely point to a post or a file, in this case by adding .html extension. For wordpress performance reason please read also Numeric Field in Permalink for Better Performance, it should help you to optimize your site and make your hosting server happier.

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