Things to Do after Initial Setup

  1. Make Your Account on Google Analytics

  • Log in to your Gmail Account (Make one if you don’t have any). 
  • Type the URL 
  • Sign Up with your existing Gmail Account. 
  • Fill in the Required fields.
  • Once you are done with filling all the required fields, Click on Get your Tracking ID.
  • You will get a Tracking ID starting with UA-*******, copy that code.
  • Now log in to your Website.
  • Go to All in One SEO -> Google Settings -> Google Analytics ID and paste that Code onto text field.

2. Verify Your Website on Google Webmasters

  • Go to
  • Sign in to webmasters tools
  • Enter your Website Name (eg. & click on Add a Site
  • Now go to Alternate Methods Tab
  • Tick on Google Analytics ID
  • Click on Verify  

Once Your Site is Verified, Submit your sitemap. All you have to do is type sitemap.xml in text field in front of website name.

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