File Transfer Protocol

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a protocol used to transfer files over the internet. For example when we download a file from Internet we are transferring the file from a remote computer to our own computer. Transferring files from a client computer to a remote computer is a called as “uploading” and transferring from a remote computer to a client computer is called as “downloading”. A file transfer takes place in the following manner.

1 A user executes the ftp command on his local computer, specifying the address of the remote computer as a parameter.

2 An FTP process running on the user’s computer establishes a connection with an FTP process running on the remote computer.

3 The user is then promoted for login name and password to ensure that the user is allowed to access the remote computer.

4 After successful login, the desired file or files are downloaded using get command and uploaded using put command.

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