Commands to connect to remote machine

Commands to connect to remote machine

To connect the local machine to the remote machine the following command is used:

FTP machine name

Where machine-name is the full machine name of the remote machine, if the name of the machine is unknown, the machine number can be used.

FTP machine-number

Where machine-number is the IP address of the remote machine, if the remote machine has been reached successfully, FTP asks for a login and password. After login and password is entered for the remote machine the user can access the data on the remote machine. The other commands are:-

·         USER R      User name, userid for access control
·         Pass O       Password for access control
·         ACCT O      Account info
·         CWD O      Change working directory
·         CDUP O     Change to parent directory
·         SMNT O    Structure mount, mount a different files system
·         QUIT R      Informs server that client wants to quit
·         REIN O      Restarts session
·         PORT R     Host addr and data port to use
·         TYPE R      Data type, type of subsequent transfers
·         STRU R      File structure
·         MODE R     Transfer mode
·         RETR R      Retrieve, download the file from server
·         STOR R       Store, upload the specified to server

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