CHATTING, Advantages of chatting:-


Chatting is an important application of Internet. It allows one internet user to communicate with other internet user. Chatting is medium to access people living across the world. People living across the world can share their views and other information regarding different fields. In this way chatting is an advantageous factor which allows us to share knowledge with our friends and even with the people when we don’t know.

Requirements for chatting:-
The basic requirement for chatting is that the people want to chat must be connected to the internet and should have user ID to chat on a particular site. 

Advantages of chatting:-
There are various chat rooms available that can be accessed to meet new people according to our field of interest for exchanging information. There are various website which provide the facility chatting. The most commonly used are yahoo messenger, hot mail etc. Suppose we want some information on a particular software then we can enter the community or chat room of software and chat with the people who are the members of that community or chat room. So it is not necessary for us to know the person to whom we are chatting. Thus chatting is a source knowledge sharing over the internet.

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